With a few months of walking practice under their belts this group of toddlers are developing greater balance and coordination – giving them the confidence to try new skills.   Running is in! They will also begin to experiment with jumping with 2 feet off the ground and climbing becomes a firm favourite.

This stage of development is bi-lateral, meaning that both sides of the body and brain are working in coordination. By 18 months of age, toddlers have much improved skill with their hands – along with greater focus and control.

They can now follow 2 instructions and like to mimic the actions we do during mat time. We try to keep these movements slow so that they can watch and copy on their own!

For some speech is developing while others will still be perfecting their motor skills. They will all however be beginning to understand descriptive words such as big and little , over and under. An understanding of these concept words is vital for later writing skills. As the children climb and move around the equipment, we encourage parents and carers to use this language to ensure an automatic understanding of what these concepts mean.

The Koala stage sets the groundwork for the transition into the next stage – laterality. We would like to help your child in their development journey.