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Why GymbaROO Christchurch South

People come along to GymbaROO in Christchurch for many reasons. Some parents are looking for the developmental information which is readily supplied in all classes, trying to give their little person the best start. Others come along as it is a great place to meet with their friends, while their children have a fabulous learning experience. (The coffee is great across the road at the library afterwards too!)  We have families where the children have had a tough start or tricky birthing experience and they just need some support along the way. Whether you are looking for a great educational start, building the foundations for  your future rugby star or famous diva, or you are simply looking for a great activity, that has variety, structure and lots of fun, you will find it at GymbaROO. We help you to get your little person to meet their potential, while enjoying a few moments of quality time each week. Everyone is welcome at GymbaROO including nannies and grandparents.

CHC About Us

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Our Location

Christchurch currently has the one location in Beckenham, tucked behind the Christchurch South Library. The centre is warm, clean, spacious and most importantly friendly which reflects the feeling in the room of the lovely families.

We share our premise with the Beckenham Bowling Club located at 63 Waimea Terrace. ( Please note that this is a back section) Waimea Terrace runs off Columbo Street – simply turn left into it if you are travelling from the city end of Columbo Street, or if you are travelling from the north you can turn right off Columbo Street into Malcom Avenue and then take the second left into Waimea Tce. (After you cross the Heathcote River).

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 Meet the Team

The current owners are Rachel Baars and Nick James. Rachel and Jess are our lovely teachers, while Nick takes care of the behind the scenes activities. Rachel has been teaching for over 12 years in various pre-school roles, she is a fully qualified early childhood teacher. Rachel has two children, a school aged daughter who attended GymbaROO and a young son who is currently attending each week. She constantly sees the benefits of the program in both of her children. Rachel teaches alongside Jess who has over 13 years in early childhood teaching and she is also fully qualified early childhood teacher, she also has 2 children one of whom attends classes at the centre.
Nick’s a Chartered Accountant with a business background who owns many other business’s in Christchurch, he has two young children who also attend GymbaROO.
Nick and Rachel have a joint passion for child development and we both thoroughly enjoy hearing the stories of how GymbaROO has helped child development. We are very happy we can continue the GymbaROO program which is a high quality educational and fun program here in Christchurch and important post earthquakes that this continues. We will continue to grow the business here in Christchurch, we are also looking at opening another centre in the North of the city so that we can assist more children.
We see the strong need for high quality educational and fun opportunities in Christchurch and we believe it would help in the recovery post earthquakes, for both the children and their parents and we believe Gymbaroo is a great program for this.