Platypus – Gymbaroo

Platypus – Non-Mobile Babies

6 weeks until crawling

A 45 minute Gymbaroo session will help your child gain the important sensory-motor stimulation required for learning, which they would not necessarily receive during the course of a normal day.

You will enjoy quality time with your infant and learn how to provide activities to help them learn about themselves and their world. These activities offer plenty of tummy time and sensory stimulation (auditory, visual and vestibular) You will learn different massages, gentle movements and dances. You will also learn how to develop your babies strength and flexibility. Our Gymbaroo equipment is setup to provide opportunities to enjoy the feeling of being moved and to teach you some activities to do at home with your child.

Gymbaroo provides a wide range of songs, rhymes and poems to accompany the exercises, they not only increase your child’s vocabulary but also improve their muscle tone and posture as well.

Our Gymbaroo ‘Visualisation’ themes and objects encourage your infant to adjust their vision, to focus their attention and to grow their memory and speech.

We use balloons, bean bags and manipulation objects to expose your little ones to new and unique sensory experiences in order to enhance their natural development and learning.

Our parachute activities stimulate your infant’s vision, orientation and space awareness and it’s lots of fun for parents too!