Enrolment FAQs

What is the cost and how/when do I pay?

The term cost reflects the number of weeks in the term and can be found on our Timetable page. To secure your place you must pay within 7 days of your booking, or if this is not possible, please speak to us directly. Our preference is internet banking and details of this can also be found on our Timetable page.

Do I need to enrol for a complete term?

At GymbaROO we enrol on a term basis, this is usually 10 weeks but may vary depending on the State Primary School terms. You are however able to join the class during the term subject to availability. We do not take casual bookings.

If I join part way through the term will I have to pay the full term fees?

Our fees are based on a sliding scale so if you begin part way through the term your fees will be adjusted accordingly.

What if I enrol 2 or more of my children?

When 2 or more children from the same nuclear family attend GymbaROO in the same term you will receive a 10% discount on your total fees.

Can I attend a class with more than one child? Can I bring a sibling?

GymbaROO endeavours to provide a special one on one learning experience for you and your child and does not encourage the attendance of siblings.  We do however understand that sometimes this is impossible and attendance maybe permitted if the sibling is sitting in a stroller or adjacent to the mat. They must not interfere with the normal class activities and are strictly not permitted on the equipment. Children who are not accompanied by an attending adult are in breech of our Health and Safety Policy.

Can I attend with twins?

Yes of course. However, as with all siblings each child will need a caregiver.

How can I make fee payments?

Our preference is that fees are paid via internet banking. We also accept cheques or cash.
Banking details: GymbaROO Christchurch South
12 3191 0041369 00
Please provide your child’s name, class and day as reference.

If I cancel my enrolment will I receive a refund?

Generally we will offer a refund only on medical grounds or if you are moving away from the area. All other cancellations will be reviewed individually. Refunds are calculated from the date the centre is informed of your intention to cancel. Please note that all cancellations will incur a $20 administration fee. There is no refund offered after 2 weeks.

If I miss a class can I make-up this class?

Generally make-up classes are available if you miss your scheduled class due to illness however we are happy to discuss each case individually. Missed classes may be carried over to the next term on the basis that you are enrolled (i.e. you will attend GymbaROO twice per week). There is no cash equivalent available.  You will however need to book your make-up class as they are subject to availability. You can arrange this at the centre or contact us to discuss a convenient time.