General FAQs

Does a GymbaROO class follow a routine and simple structure?

Yes at GymbaROO we believe that a little structure and a routine is very important for every child’s development. Routine, a process whereby the same or similar activity regularly follows another leads to temporal awareness, sequencing and security in children. Many of our parents report that the routine of the sessions helps the children to settle and provides an opportunity for the children that they don’t get elsewhere. Each class has both structured and unstructured time.

Can I bring a sibling to my child’s class?

GymbaROO endeavours to provide a special one on one learning experience for you and your child and does not encourage the attendance of siblings.  We do however understand that sometimes this is impossible to avoid and attendance maybe permitted if the sibling is sitting in a stroller or adjacent to the mat. They must not interfere with the normal class activities and are strictly not permitted on the equipment due to the obvious safety issues surrounding this.

If I cancel my enrolment will I receive a refund?

Generally we will offer a refund only on medical grounds or if you are moving away from the area. All other cancellations will be reviewed individually. Refunds are calculated from the date the centre is informed of your intention to cancel. Please note that all cancellations will incur a $20 administration fee. There is no refund after 2 weeks.

Can I change the class and/or day I enrolled for?

You are welcome to change you class time or day, however this is strictly subject to availability.

If my child is unable to attend their scheduled class should I let the centre know?

We would be most grateful of notification if you are unable to attend your scheduled class but understand that this is not always possible. Please refer to our Make-Up policy below.

If I miss a class can I make-up this class?

Generally make-up classes are available if you miss your scheduled class due to illness however we are happy to discuss each case individually. Missed classes may be carried over to the next term on the basis that you are enrolled (i.e. you will attend GymbaROO twice per week). There is no cash equivalent available.  You will however need to book your make-up class as they are subject to availability. You can arrange this at the centre or contact us to discuss a convenient time.

What should my child wear to their session?

It is important that your child wear suitable clothing to GymbaROO that will enable them to move, climb and tumble without restriction. Leggings and shorts are always good. We ask that children remove their shoes and socks when in the centre – they need to experience the activities with bare feet. Gripping and feeling tactile surfaces will enhance their developmental experience and help to ensure that they are safe when climbing the equipment. We also require parents to remove their shoes to ensure cleanliness and hygiene of the mats and equipment.

Why is my child required to wear a name top?

The name tops which we supply are an integral part of our visualisation technique and help your child to recognise what his/her name looks like. Positively encourage your child to find their name card and help them to insert it into the top. (Walker classes only)

Must my child participate in both the group and equipment times?

No child should be forced to participate in any part of our sessions they  or you feel uncomfortable with. Please note however that playing on the equipment during group time is not permitted due to safety reasons. All activities are important for different areas of your child’s development and our sessions are specifically designed to cover an holistic approach to fostering learning. By being a enthusiastic participant yourself, both you and your child will have more fun.  Try not to chat with your friends during the group session – its very hard for young children to concentrate so they really need your help, to help them focus on the task. Remember your children delight in hearing you sing and love having you dance and jump along with them.

What if my child doesn’t settle?

We are more than happy to offer support and strategies to help your child settle into our program and especially the group time. It can easily take up to 3 weeks for a child to settle and as each child and situation is different please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with us either during your weekly visit or call us after hours.

Can food be eaten at the GymbaROO centre?

We are mindful that we have children enrolled who have severe allergic reactions to a wide range of different food products. Please do not bring any food or drink into the Centre (except in the Waiting Area). Within the Waiting Area please be mindful of any spilled food (pick up immediately) and avoid bringing in nuts. We thank you for your understanding & consideration.

What happens in the event of snow/earthquake or flooding?

Should an event occur, we will endeavor to place a notification both on the GymbaROO phone and up on our Facebook page. Please note the sometimes it may not be obvious if you are driving across the city that the weather is uncertain. If you are even slightly unsure, please check. In this event we will endeavor to offer a Make Up class wherever possible

Feedback and Suggestion

We are always open to feedback and suggestions and welcome your questions, queries and concerns at any time. Please feel fee to contact us here.