Wombat – Gymbaroo

Wombat – Mobile Babies

crawling to walking

Once your little one begins commando crawling on their tummy or creeping along on all fours, they are ready for the challenges of the Mobile babies program.

Crawling and creeping should continue for 4-5 months. Nature will decide when the best time is for your child to start walking. In the meantime, they need to be challenged to creep up and down, over and under, through and around. These movement experiences are vital as they help develop the necessary muscle tone, coordination and balance needed for walking.

Through these movements their hand skills will also improve – enabling them to deliberately reach and grasp for objects they wish to explore and also to lay great foundations for later writing skills.

During mat time more emphasis is placed on body awareness activities and your child will start to “take part” in the music and singing activities – rocking along and moving with the music and even beginning to imitate the sounds.

At GymbaROO we continue to help you by giving you many enrichment activities and ideas to use at home as well as a place where you and your child can play and learn together.