Our Classes

Our classes

Our  GymbaROO sessions follow a consistent routine and format each week (so loved and important for young children) that provides you with  the pleasure of watching your child ‘blossom’ during the self-directed equipment time but also watching them learn to participate and enjoy the slightly more structured elements of the session. These elements include opportunities to experience, gross and fine motor development, balance and coordination, music and dance, climbing and tumbling.

Each term is usually planned over a 10 week period, around a child-friendly theme and weekly visualisation topics related to that theme.

The following outlines the structure of our 3 main session groups: BabyROO(mobile and non-mobile), Toddlers (walking to 3 years), Preschoolers (3 -5 years)


Non-Mobile Babies – Each class begins with ‘group time’ and the welcoming sounds of the ‘Hello Song’ signal the start of the class. With everyone sitting on the floor together we gently exercise our babies, followed by massage, tummy time ideas, strength activities and a fun dance where you get to either waltz, tango or rock with your little one – all the time creating a special bond with your baby as you both learn and share that learning experience together.

Vestibular rhymes and games and our specially designed equipment,much loved by your little ones, give your babies a chance to be moved in ways to stimulate their balance, coordination, muscle tone and vision.

Each class concludes with rhythm and gentle parachute time. Not only will you have had fun but the great parental information shared by your instructor will help you to facilitate developmental opportunities at home during the week.

Mobile Babies – This class follows a similar structure however as you would expect ‘group time’ becomes very busy as these active little crawlers are wanting to explore the world around them. Balance and strength exercises continue, but at a faster and more challenging pace. Games with small equipment are introduced and massage includes lots of body awareness fun.

Equipment time becomes the absolute favourite as your mobile baby loves to explore, crawling over all our wonderful obstacles, under interesting sensory materials and through great tunnels. Rolling down the wedge, bouncing on the trampoline and being pushed in the swing always elicit squeals of joy. A fun, special time to spend with your baby knowing you are investing in their future.

Toddlers Sessions

Our Penguin, Possum, Tui and Kiwi classes all follow a similar 45 minute routine. Each session begins with a few minutes of Free Exploration on our specially designed equipment and is a good time for both you and your child to socialise with other parents and children and we encourage you to use this time to allow your child to settle in to GymbaROO.

Our welcoming ‘Hello Song’ and bubbles will invite the children to come together for our group time. This includes small equipment games, exercises, massage and a dance – all great fun ideas that you can take home with you to play during the week. Group time continues with our special treasure bag activity which relates to the theme for the term and is loved by the children. This provides all important language, tactile, imagination and visualisation experiences necessary to stimulate memory and pre-reading skills. Being fully involved with your child during the group activities is beneficial as it enhances love, security, joy and learning.

Time on our specially designed large equipment will give your child the chance to practice existing gross motor skills, develop new ones and explore the capabilities of their bodies. Teachers are always nearby to offer guidance and teach new skills – the supportive environment will foster your child’s confidence and their willingness to try new experiences.The equipment circuit is changed every two weeks to introduce new challenges. We positively encourage but don’t force – GymbaROO must be fun!

The session is concluded with music and parachute time. Everyone sings the Goodbye Song together and leaves for home with  the week’s picture and word for their GymbaROO Visualisation Scrapbook to use and talk about at home.

GymbaROO for Preschoolers

A good quality preschool is essential for this age group however participation in a good quality movement-based program like GymbaROO is still vital at this age to ensure your child has every opportunity to enhance and benefit from  their learning. Both educational programs offer different experiences that compliment each other and you will learn how the activities focused on in the GymbaROO sessions are important for preschool and later classroom learning.

Great one on one time with your preschooler coupled with smaller group numbers will allow you to work together with your GymbaROO instructor to strengthen your child’s weaknesses and to foster and develop their strengths. The routine and format of the class may change from what you have experienced in the younger groups but will still include old favourites like treasure bag and large equipment time along with some new challengers for our emerging independent learners.

Group time will concentrate on developing skills required to listen and follow instructions, be part of a group along with sharing, taking turns and learning self-regulation.

You will learn positive techniques to encourage your child to grow their confidence and knowledge to guide your child’s particular developmental needs outside of GymbaROO. It’s a great feeling as a parent to know that you are offering your child the best possible start in life.