Once your little one is walking, they can take part in our Penguins program. There is a vast difference between the baby program and our toddler classes and your little person may take a couple of weeks to settle into the new routine – all quite normal.

This is an exciting time as your little Penguin waddles along – striving to ‘get’ their balance and develop their body awareness.The equipment will offer new challenges – mostly slopes to walk up and down, ladder rungs to walk over, rolling down the wedge and of course posting!

In this safe and secure environment your little person will excel in a little new found independence, always knowing you are close at hand. As they start to understand simple tasks and instructions they will slowly begin to participate more in the mat activities. Slow exercises and movement to music will allow them time to learn how to move and control their limbs.

All in all it starts the foundation for strong gross motor and coordination skills.