Weekly Treasure Bag List

MB 0080 - CopyThe anticipation of the Treasure Bag and what delights it may hold is the weekly highlight for many children at GymbaROO. Each term our program incorporates a child friendly theme with a new related topic each week. In the younger groups this is referred to as our ‘visualisation time’ and in the older groups it is simply known as ‘Treasure Bag’. This fun activity is loved by all children and develops the all important skill of Visualisation – the ability of the child to see a picture or object in their minds eye. Reading is dependent on this skill. Your child will also develop language and socialisation skills at Treasure Bag time not to mention the ability to self-regulate as they wait patiently for their treasure to appear out of the bag.

Please together with your child choose 1 piece of ‘treasure’  relating to the weekly topic and bring it along with you each week to share with your friends at GymbaROO

Term 3 2020

Week Commencing TuesdayWalkers/Penguin - KangarooBabyROO/Platypus and Wombat
120th JulyMilkMilk
2 27th JulyPopcornPopcorn
3 3rd AugustAppleApple
4 10th AugustBananaBanana
5 17th AugustCheeseCheese
624th AugustYoghurtYoghurt
731st AugustStrawberryStrawberry
87th SeptemberCarrotCarrot
914th SeptemberMuffinsMuffins
1021st SeptemberCookieCookie