Why GymbaROO

GymbaROO will assist your child’s brain development from birth through to reading and writing while empowering you with the knowledge and skills to be involved in your child’s physical and cognitive development.

It was founded in Australia by Margaret Sasse in 1982 on the premise that early motor and sensory experiences of babies and young children are integrally linked to later learning and development. This coupled with the ever increasing scientific knowledge about neuro-physiology and neuro-development, has ensured that our program has evolved into a highly effective and comprehensive series of classes designed to help you feel confident in facilitating your child’s individual developmental needs.

The brain develops in a logical and sequential manner. Each child needs to experience the early patterns of movement to lay solid foundations for school years. Sadly today’s modern society has taken away many of the organic and natural opportunities for children to move, play and develop. Smaller gardens, safety and litigation concerns, parks with equipment that does not spin, sway or rock, lack of tummy time for infants, too much screen time (mobile phones, computers, TV, tablets, playstations etc.) along with changes in our diets all play a major role in the decreasing opportunities for children to move and learn.

GymbaROO therefore aims to provide developmentally appropriate activities that will enhance and develop your child’s natural potential whatever that may be. We are not about ‘hot housing’ your child or making them better than everyone else.

Our small classes ensure that we can support, guide and assist you to understand the importance sensory experiences and repetitive early patterns of movement will play in your child’s future health, academic and social well-being.

Best of all GymbaROO is loads of fun and creates a special one on one time that both you and your child will always treasure. It’s a great feeling knowing that you are offering your child the best start in life.